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10 App Sales To Kick-Start Your Sunday

App Store

10 App Sales To Kick-Start Your Sunday

We’ve already given you a list of the 15 top game sales available on the App Store, this weekend. But, what about all those other useful hidden gems?

Below is a list of 10 apps that are currently on-sale from their regular prices. Featuring beautiful, iOS 7-ready interfaces, the short list covers the latest and greatest in Entertainment, Productivity, Utilities, Business (and more), and is perhaps perfect for starting off your Sunday.

Hit the break to see the full list!


Finish your accounting in 3 seconds flat.

– Multiple books for your different usage
– Awesome experience
– Smart stats chart
– Custom categories
– Support experience and income
– Recurring income/expense
– Export data to CSV
– No request for financial and mathematical knowledge
– iCloud backup and restore
– Local password protection
– No register, log in
– Work without network

Version: 1.6.6

iPhone Only


A simple, clean and efficient podcast app.

Version: 23

iPhone Only

Voice Recorder PRO™

Ideal for students, business people, journalists, teachers, doctors, and anybody who makes voice notes and reminders. Taking lecture notes, conducting an interview or just immediately jotting down a good idea has never been easier!


iPhone Only


Guitar Chord+

– Search Chords
– Training for Beginners
– Metronome for Players

Version: 2.22

iPhone + iPad

Budget Expense Planner

Budget Expense Planner is focused on helping users track their budget versus bills, expenses with ease. Simply spare a minute each day and let the app organise your data in beautiful graphical analysis to provide you with your daily, weekly and yearly financial snap-snot. With just a tap of the button, you will be able to track your spending habits and help you make the necessary financial changes such as postponing unnecessary purchases.

Version: 2.0

iPhone + iPad

Our Feeling

Share your mood.

Share your feelings with the world and the world will share with you.
Millions of people sharing how they feel.


iPhone Only



Scrobl is the freshest, snappiest scrobbler for all your iOS devices with background scrobbling

Version: 2.0.6

iPhone + iPad


Simple, beautiful Timer, with elegant touch interface. Seventy-7 is a simple timer that allows you to countdown to multiple events at a time.

It is designed to keep accurate time whilst staying stylish and simple.


iPhone Only



Use this simple yet effective app to view your current speed, along with optional course and altitude using GPS data. The high visibility display makes it easy to view the current speed over ground at a glance.

Version: 2.1

iPhone Only

Quartet Game

Quartet Game is a musical board game where you need to recognize melodies and songs in a new way – in a quiz, or by playing an easy instrument. With support to up to four (4) simultaneous players the whole family can enjoy playing Quartet Game together using just one iPad device.


iPhone Only


Instant Notes

Instant Notes is an easy-to-use handwriting application for note-taking, drawing, teaching or creating photo albums.
You can create individual notebooks with custom cover designs and your preferred paper background.

Version: 1.1

iPad Only

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Version: 4.0.6

iPhone Only

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