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Consumer Reports Puts Several Dents In #Bendgate


Consumer Reports Puts Several Dents In #Bendgate

Last week, you may remember we reported that Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus was getting a bit of a bad wrap, thanks to an issue the Internet has collectively dubbed “Bendgate.”

The so-called ‘issue’ involves the cellular device physically beginning to ‘bend’ when extreme pressure is applied to it, with some out there suggesting that this amount of pressure could be comparable to that of when the device is placed in a user’s back pocket – and is then sat on.

In an effort to show that new iPhone 6 Plus owners shouldn’t be all that worried about the issue, though, Consumer Reports over the weekend released its first full-length test video – in which it shows the exact amount of pressure and force that is needed to bend one of Apple’s new smartphones.

Unsurprisingly, it takes a lot.

The test resulted in the discovery that – scientifically – it takes a more pressure to bend the iPhone 6, than it does the iPhone 6 Plus. Of course, this would make sense. Especially considering that the iPhone 6 Plus is longer in length, and thus has a larger surface area for this pressure to be applied to.

Apple recently commented on #Bendgate, publicly, citing that just 9 people had been ‘affected’ out of the over 10 Million units it has sold (thus far).

The company as such warned the media not to blow #Bendgate out of proportion.

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Perhaps best known for founding online news brand RazorianFly, Cheshire digital creative Arron Hirst lives for discovering new artists.
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