Updated: June 21, 2017
v 2.5
iPhone + iPad
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What's New

Full of Stars v.2.5
- critical crash fix,
- 2 new superhard achievements,
- a couple of hidden scenes added,
- scenes bugs fixed.

Full of Stars v.2.3
- another Jayson bug fixed,
- minor bugs and exploits fixed.

Full of Stars v.2.2
- story restart button in 'Story Select' screen.
- low battery / incoming call pause,
- 2 new achievements,
- one more Jayson scene bug fixed,
- Blue Sector scene bugs fixed,

Full of Stars v.2.1
- Alien Shipyard scene blocker fixed,
- onboarding Jayson bug fixed,
- new dialogs added in "Heaven's Gate" section,
- "Scene did not set episode ID" bug fix,
- "retrieve Dr. Darwin's device" bug fixed.
- minor bugs and exploits fixed.

Full of Stars v.2.0
- new destination points and galaxy map!
- new storyline,
- new captain EXPLORER,
- ancient alien race,
- new gameplay features (lava planets, solar winds, alien structures),
- new achievements
- expand Blue Sector to level 6
- two new specialists

- tons of bug fixes and improvements
- UI improvements
- loading optimization for older devices
- levels difficulty tweaks
- spelling corrections

Still, need to be fixed in upcoming updates:
- crash on starting the flight
- bug with "destroy n moons" challenge
- sound problems
- rendering optimization for low memory devices
- other issues
If you spot any bugs or issues please write to us at
Thank you for playing our game!

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Full of Stars is a story-driven space journey game about humanity's survival.
The journey will be a test of both your skill and your humanity.

When a galaxy-wide war destroys planet after planet, humanity finds itself on the brink of extinction. Scared refugees scatter across the stars looking for safety. Luckily, they find you - a daring space captain, willing to bring them to a safe haven. You'll need to lead them through dark and unknown parts of the galaxy, remnants of long-dead galactic empires, and sectors overrun by alien life forms.

* Wildly intuitive mechanics of an arcade game with a gut wrenching story, where every choice matters.
* High replayability inspired by rogue-like games, with branching world exploration and random encounters to make each of your many playthroughs a unique experience.
* A challenging gameplay which highlights the core theme of the game - survival at all cost.
* Upgrade your ship and prepare for the challenges ahead
* Expand and upgrade your safe heaven
* Exciting levels which combine the best features of a hand-crafted experience with the diversity of procedurally-generated environment.
* An original mix of graphics where the retro direction meets modern approach.
* Music which adapts to the gameplay composed by Jan Sanejko and Marcin Przybyłowicz (known for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)


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Released: April 11, 2017

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