Stock Code:300637 CN

                                  Zhejiang Yangfan New Materials Co., Ltd., which was founded in December 2002 at Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Economic and Technological Development Area, is a China A-Share listed company on the ChiNext Board. Known as “Shou&Fu Chemical”, we are specialized in R&D, manufacture and sales of UV curing products, sulfur-containing fine chemicals and related new materials. There are one trading division, four R&D centers, and two manufacturing plants in our group currently. Two manufacturing plants are located at Shangyu, Zhejiang Province and Pengze, Jiangxi Province respectively.

                                  Our major photoinitiator products are 907, 369, TPO, 184, ITX, BMS, etc., which are generally used in Ultraviolet (UV) curing technology, such as UV coating, UV ink and etch resists for Print Circuit Board (PCB). It enables wood coatings, leather ink, silk-screen ink and PCB insulating paint to cure rapidly under the irradiation of the UV light with certain wavelength, thus provides an environmental friendly technology with less volatile organic compounds release. Sulfur-containing fine chemicals could not only be the key raw materials for a great number of photoinitiators, but also be widely used in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, electronic chemicals, etc. Currently we can provide 10 categories and over 500 sulfur-containing fine chemical products, and this makes us one of the companies that can offer the widest range of similar products in the world.

                                  The company attaches great importance to product development and innovation work. There are four Research & Development Centers in our group: Hangzhou Yangfan ShouFu R&D Center, Zhejiang University ShouFu R&D Center, Zhejiang University of Technology ShouFu R&D Center, Zhejiang Yangfan New Materials R&D Center, Jiangxi Yangfan New Materials R&D Center(Renming Pharmaceutical R&D Center). The long-term collaborations of internal and external intelligence guarantee our products innovation, new market exploring and customized chemical services with powerful technical supports. Our company is committed to the continuous improvement of quality and safety assurance, as well as environmental protection. We have been certified to ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series Management System successively and keep our operation and management under strict regulations. With many years of development, the company has created its unique “Ren De” corporate culture, that is “Create Wealth by Benevolence and Morality, Achieve Successes While Benefiting Others.”. It contains four aspects: "Benevolence and Morality" is the soul; "Create Wealth" is the mission; "Achieve Successes" is the driving force; and "Benefiting Others" is the responsibility. That means the more achievements we made on the company development, the more social responsibility we shall take simultaneously. Our company is committed to become an outstanding supplier of UV curing materials and provider of applied solutions in the world. Meanwhile, in order to provide professional and high-quality customized chemical services for our customers, we will keep on improving our core technology and manufacturing facilities, and making us a professional R&D and production base of sulfur-containing fine chemicals and new materials, as well as products in upstream and downstream industry chain. The year of 2017 is an important milestone in the development of our enterprise. On April 12th, 2017, Zhejiang Yangfan New Materials Co., Ltd. was successfully landed on ChiNext Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) as “Yangfan New Materials”, Stock code: 300637. This is not only the recognition of the past achievements of our company from capital market, but also the optimistic prospect and incentives to the future development of our company. As we join the capital market and become a public enterprise, it will certainly have an important and far-reaching impact on the company's long-term development!

                                  With the sails blown up, our voyage to the blue ocean starts right now! Upholding “Ren De” corporate culture and development concept, starting from a brand new platform, we will commit ourselves to the development of fine chemical and new material industry, make constant progress towards the prosperous future of Yangfan New Materials!

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